I cannot believe it: spring is here and I did not get to enjoy any running across a snow-covered landscape since my run at Sauvabelin in November! This is not because I have been lazy, it is simply because there has not been enough snow this winter here on the heights of Lausanne (altitude of approx. 700m). There is not a flicker of doubt in my mind that it is attributable to global warming. In fact, as the World Meteorological Organisation reminded us on Monday, ‘Thirteen of the fourteen warmest years on record have all occurred in the 21st century’ (WMO press release of 24 March 2014 on the status of the global climate in 2013).

Genève_Jardin Anglais_12 février 2013

So no running along the lakeside at Jardin Anglais in Geneva this year (click here for the entry I wrote on my run last year).

Nordic skiing across frozen Lake of Joux_26 February 2012

In addition, I left it until too late to cross Lac de Joux while it was still safe to do so when it was frozen. What a pity as it is a great experience. I hope I shall be able to do so in November/December this year (more photos related to the crossing I did two years ago here) or in January/February of next year.

Air Zermatt helicopter on the snow near Arolla landing point_14 April 2013

Furthermore, unlike last year, I did not get to run on any ski slopes either – although this photograph was taken on the cross-country skiing track near Arolla (Valais/Wallis).

Tschäggättä 2013_detail of maskCarnival Basle 18 February 2013

What is more, in part because my wife was away in Singapore for 5 weeks, in part because this winter I spent a lot of time reading at the weekends (rather than being out in the fresh air), we did not get to see any carnival processions this year, what a pity!

Running along avenue de Rhodanie_20km Lausanne_27 April 2013

Luc, a former colleague of mine, asked me two days ago whether I intended to take part in this year’s edition of 20 kilomètres de Lausanne. Well, I have not made up my mind yet. As explained in my post on the books I had been reading during the Winter Olympics, this is partly attributable to the fact that I have grown a little wary of the cult of performance that underlies the practice of competitive sports as opposed to physical activity undertaken for its own sake (and thus outside of such a competitive and commercialised context).


This is why I might not take part in the mountain race of Sierre-Zinal either, especially since I was a little disappointed at the lack of awareness of the ecological impact of such a race. For instance, some races in France (and elsewhere in Switzerland, i.e. Super Trail of Barlatay) require that participants bring their own drinking cup so as to avoid the disposal of thousands of plastic cups along the race’s course.

Vue panoramique depuis la Tour d'Aï_16 juillet 2013[Click to enlarge]

What is sure however is that I intend to go back to this place of incredible beauty so as to catch sight of the sunset over the eastern end of Lake Léman. Such landscapes really feed one’s soul and they linger in your memory for months and months, reminding you during the short winter days that in a couple of months’ time it will be possible to admire the beauty of nature at eight, nine or even almost ten o’clock in the evening.

Panoramic shot of glacier of Aletsch shortly after Alte Stafel_21 July 2013[Click to enlarge]

And, of course, there will be some outings to the region of Aletsch, probably to Oberaletsch too, as I have fallen in love with Europe’s glacier king and its brethren (or sisters).


However, I intend to diversity into cycling as it were – I enjoyed my little ride from the outskirts of Nyon to Lausanne last summer. For instance, I am ashamed to have to admit that I have never cycled from Lausanne to Villeneuve (even though I have run this distance). To do so through the rolling hills of the UNESCO-listed region of Lavaux is a must for somebody who has been living in Lausanne for more than twelve years.

Finally, I also entertain the ambition of doing some mountain biking. Thanks to our yellow postal buses, it is not even necessary to own a car, as demonstrated in this highly inspiring clip (‘The Biggest Bike Shuttle in the World’ [English version], Filme von Draussen):


Therefore, please complain to me should you not read anything on this blog on mountain biking by, say, October of this year!   😉