From Riederalp (cable car station) to Belalp (cable car station) in 3 hours and twenty-nine minutes. However, having only slept 4 hours the night before, I felt quite tired and decided to go for a shorter run and abandon the idea of running to Oberaletschhütte on the panoramaweg (see photos of my trip to this place last year)








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I decided to call it quits at this point: I had not even done half of the journey to Oberaletschhütte. At first, I had thought I would at least go to the top of this ridge (left circle) to be able to catch a glimpse of the glacier of Oberaletsch. However, I just felt too tired — after all, I had run/jogged/walked from quite far away, first downhill, then uphill, from the point indicated by the circle on the right.

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Panorama of the Aletsch region (as seen from Belalp)

DSCN4021The small, but highly picturesque village of Blatten bei Naters.


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I followed the yellow path plus I did the extra bit in red; I decided to abandon the idea of making it to Oberaletschhütte somewhere above Spitzflüeh and I therefore ran to Belap cable car station to reach Blatten bei Naters.

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