Tour d'Aï_16 July 2013

After having enjoyed the view of Lac Léman in front of me, of the Chablais and Alpes valaisannes on my left and of Alpes vaudoises and fribourgeoises on my right from the top of Tour d’Aï on the evening of Tuesday 16 July, three days later I decided that I would attempt to do the same kind of run, but with the objective of enjoying the view from the top of its twin sister, Tour de Mayen.


For once, I got off at the end stop, Leysin Grand Hôtel (altitude, approx. 1,400m), and then I headed towards the foot of the mountains near Essert d’Amont

Above Leysin_near Essert d'Amont.19 July 2013[Click to enlarge]

… passing through several fields below the woods with this magnificent panorama in front of my eyes.


Just after Leysin‘s water station, I spotted a sign giving a rough estimate of the time to Mayen, which is the area at the foot of the mountain whose top I wanted to reach: Tour de Mayen. I was curious to find out whether I could get up there in much less time or only by a short shot 😉

Slope above Tresseliere_Leysin_19 July 2013

After a false start through the wood directly above the sign post shown above which took me to one of the ski lifts at the bottom of a slope that seemed far off my destination, I found myself on a very steep slope (also used for skiing in winter) in a field above Tresselière at an altitude of approximately 1,500m. I headed in the direction of the other ski lifts (top right corner), moving in a diagonal line. However, the weather had already started to turn, with some dark clouds first behind me but slowing going round towards the path I was following.


As I was approaching the top of the slope just below the alpage (cow-grazing ground in the mountains) of Mayen, the clouds had become more threatening. As Tour de Mayen was in sight (middle), I made up my mind that I would try to reach at least a vantage point which would allow me to picture out which path to follow for the next time I would come.

Tours d'Aï et de Mayen depuis Mayen_19 juillet 2013

56 minutes after I had left the small railway station at Leysin Grand Hôtel I was able to admire both Tour d’Aï (left) and Tour de Mayen from Mayen (a cheese-making area). However, I decided that it was safer to call it quits and head back to Leysin. This was not sufficient to avoid the rain, some 20 minutes later. So much so that I was drenched when I reached LeysinFedey, but I was happy because I knew that I would come back.

And I did, a week later (on 26 July).

However, as tomorrow is a day off here in Switzerland (Swiss national day), I intend to go back to Oberaletsch hütte on the panoramaweg, which means that I shall have to be up early again.

Panoramaweg, Belalp to Oberaletschhütte, 6 Oct 2012

So for the time being, here are six teasers (it is becoming a bad habit, I have to admit):

Tour de Mayen et Lac Segray 26 juillet 2013 DSCN3870[Click to enlarge]


[Click to enlarge]

DSCN3897[Click to enlarge this much larger 360 degree panorama]



Been on both tops_almost two weeks ago and almost a week ago

So now I am happy: I have seen the sunset on Lake Léman from the vantage point of both mountains after work … but there will not be another time this year …as the days have become too short – see penultimate picture.

TO BE UPDATED WITH MORE PHOTOS … hopefully in a week to ten days’ time …

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