Switch to summer time_clock an hour forward_30 March 2014

With the switch to summer time (CET) today, the days have automatically become longer by an hour. This means being able to enjoy the daylight for longer – today, it was really dark only at 8:20 pm and we are only at the end of March, so that by the middle of June, the sun will set more than two hours later than it did today. In turn, this will allow us to squeeze more out of the evenings …



For instance, I look forward to being able to enjoy the view from our balcony while looking up from a book, a newspaper or a magazine and, at times, even hearing the ‘hoot hoot’ of the ferry about to leave Lausanne-Ouchy to cross the lake and bring the cross-border workers back to their homes in Evian or Thonon (for the sake of accuracy, I have to confess however that this picture was shot in October, not in spring or summer).


Domicile-Mauvernay + un tour dans Bois-Clos_map courtesy of swissgeo + schweizmobil

I also look forward to being able to run along my favourite course, uphill to Plaine de Mauvernay, then through the neighbouring woods and finally back home, but downhill this time. The difference in altitude is approximately 260m, so that this run makes for some good practice for my mountain running.


Sun starting to set on Lake Geneva as seen from ridge of Tour d'Aï, 16 July 2013[Click to enlarge]

Most of all, I look forward to being able to catch a train to Leysin and run in the mountains above this famous alpine resort in the canton of Vaud. The view of the lake and the Alps from up these mountains is really splendid.



In summer, it would be a waste not to take one of the side-wheel paddle steamers that belong to the Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) and enjoy a meal while admiring the beautiful landscapes.



We usually go to the small mediaeval village of Yvoire on the other side of the lake, in France, almost opposite Nyon. So maybe this year for a change we ought to go to Thonon or, why not, do both.   😉


Mon parcours à l'échelle du Lac Léman_19 octobre 2013_b

With these super long evenings we are able to enjoy here in June and July, I should even manage to run from home to Villeneuve, the small town on the eastern end of Lake Léman, and come back home by rail (as I did last October on a Sunday) without the need for a torch.

In short, there is plenty to do here in spring or summer and it is up to us to make sure we take advantage of the extra hours of daylight!