Aujourd’hui, il a fait 39,7 degrés à Genève_Le Temps_7 juillet 2015Source: Le Temps (I removed the picture of a lady sunbathing under a beach umbrella to avoid any copyright infringement)

A new record: the temperature hit almost 40 degrees in Geneva today. So close to five degrees more than the sweltering 35 degrees I had to bear when I went on my museum-hopping trip here in Lausanne on Saturday.

Thiry-five degrees Celsius in Lausanne_4th July 2015Lausanne, 4th July 2015

Fortunately for us here in Switzerland, the heat wave we have had for more than a week is about to go away with a storm which is forecast for later this evening. This heat wave has made me worry about the future, not for us in Switzerland because there is plenty of water here, but for people in countries where water does not come out of a tap, where water is scarce, where in fact people (often women or children) have to travel sometimes miles to get their water, worse sometimes at the risk of their own lives because of predators lurking near the water points (e.g. tigers). I feel so sorry for them, especially if this warming of planet earth is attributable to humans because people like me (even though I do not drive a car, nor do I eat meat), i.e. people living in developed countries, are then most likely the culprits (collectively, that is).

Lausanne, 7 July 2015, 6:17 p.m.