The weather has been pretty rotten this spring in Switzerland  (even if this has also been the case in several other countries in Europe, based on the news headlines I have read). This has not been very conducive to my running … really, I am not trying to blame my personal failings in terms of my running solely onto the weather, but the fact is that running in bad weather does not make it that pleasant an experience.

Webcam shot of Alestch area from Riederalp_19 June 2013Screenshot of webcam feed at Riederalp’s cable station (I think); source: Riederalpbahnen

As Wednesday 19 June had been predicted to be the last August-type of day for this spring, I decided to take the day off with the idea that I could use this opportunity to go running in the Aletsch region as I shall be taking part in a half-marathon there in ten days from now. However, the webcam feed I found on the Internet discouraged me from doing so and I decided that it could be the opportunity to do some reco work for next year’s narcissus-hunting session(s) at a small mountain above Vevey, called Les Pléaides.

To cut a long story short, my decision proved to be the right one as not only did I get to see thousands and thousands of narcissuses (or narcissi), but I could to run for at least two hours and to walk for at least three hours as I got my wife to join me later in the afternoon as she had been so disappointed by the scarcity of these flowers at Les Avants on Monday.

As I have noticed that some people landed on the previous posting on narcissuses probably through search engines, I thought I would rush out a draft version of this post so that they know where to see the flowers before they are gone. So here is a selection of some shots and come back tomorrow or after tomorrow for more pictures plus a map of the area 😉


Some of the first narcissi I saw; in fact, I was expecting to see only a couple scattered here and there, but I was to be proved wrong … fortunately.

DSCN3192[Click to enlarge]

Looking in the direction of ‘Bondenoces[which means wedding voucher in French] with the Alpes Vaudoises in the background; this was the first spot with thousands of narcissi (or narcissuses). What a delight for the eyes …

DSCN3194_Field of narcissuses with Alpes vaudoises and Alpes valaisannes in the background, Les Pléaides, 19 June 2013[Click to enlarge]

 A 180 degree panoramic shot of the majestic scenery I was able to contemplate when I looked back towards Les Pléiades.

DSCN3196[Click to enlarge]

Walking towards the ski lift, which is at 1,397m of altitude.

DSCN3208[Click to enlarge]

Looking towards the Alpes vaudoises.

DSCN3216[Click to enlarge]

Looking towards the canton of Fribourg with a small ‘sea’ of narcissi before my eyes.

DSCN3218[Click to enlarge]

Looking towards the canton of Fribourg and the Alpes vaudoises with this expanse of white reflecting the warm rays of the sun. What a glorious sight, what beauty!

Do not forget: more photos to come … soon.