I have been quiet for the past fortnight, mainly as a result of IT problems. Fortunately, these have been solved in the meantime (through the purchase/installation of a new graphic card), but then there was a backlog of other duties to see to.

Cleaning computer and graphic card 9 May 2013

However, as today is my birthday, I have decided to give myself a few treats, the first of which was to go for an early morning run and unlike Tuesday without the pressure of getting back home, showered, etc before the start of work. So I got up at about 5:40 am and got ready for a run down to the lakeside.


The roads/streets were mostly deserted, the air still fresh and, the icing on the cake, the sun had just set out, as if to welcome me. I continued my run, mostly downhill …

Lac Léman depuis quai d'Ouchy, Tour Haldimand_18 mai 2013

… until I reached the lakeside and ran along quai d’Ouchy to get to the vantage point at parc Tour Haldimand to snap the above panorama.

Thai Pavilion_Lausanne_18 May 2013

Then it was the run back home, passing first along parc du Denantou and its Thai Pavilion.

Haut du chemint de Montolivet_18 mai 2013

And the steep uphill run back to my place …

 … and now for the second part, I am going to head to Geneva to take part in the first ever international veggie pride (after having seen this poster on Tuesday during my early morning run):

First ever international veggie pride Geneva 18 May 2013

Here is the programme: http://veggiepride.ch/wordpressdataEng/practical-information/22-2/