DSCN9912I could not believe my eyes yesterday. True, in my eagerness to ‘dispose of’ (that is to say, to put into my stomach) up to the very last nut of the batch that my wife and I had collected on a little foraging excursion near home a year ago (and which I had realised only before starting to eat them that there was still quite a number of them left) before the sunset (as I wanted to make use of the daylight to see to some other task), I must have exerted pressure probably a little stronger than usual. However, I was not expecting this to happen. A crack appeared on the upper ‘jaw’ of the nutcracker bought a few years ago at one of Switzerland’s main retail chains.

What can I say? Unlike the nuts (picked near home in a commune slightly above Lausanne), the nutcracker was produced in a country really far away from home, whose goods are sold in every shop or supermarket in this country (and probably in all other European countries too), even though the goods from that country are not known for being sturdy, which is why they tend not to last very long.

DSCN9913Yet I must admit that I would never have thought it possible that my small hands would be able to ‘disable’ a nutcracker (used normally)…

Please do not get me wrong: every country has its faulty ‘items’. For instance, I was not expecting to find even more litter at the same spot (one of Lausanne’s natural places of most exquisite beauty) a week later after I had come across this blot on the landscape:

DSCN9867Litter left just next to one of Lausanne’s most beautiful waterfalls, as seen on 17th Oct.

CascadeduFlon_26octobre2015Litter desecrating the same spot, as seen a week after (24th Oct.) – click to enlarge.