DSCN9841_stitchEarly autumnal view (picture shot yesterday evening from my ‘study’)

Very soon we shall be able to enjoy this very special time of the year when nature adorns itself with a kind of firework display of autumnal colours.

Arolla (Valais/Wallis), ‘lac bleu

The intensity of this unfortunately fleeting but highly colourful celebration of the seasonal patterns we are blessed with here in this country can be truly mesmerising at times.

DSCN7140Mushroom near Lausanne

It is also the time of the year to go hunting for mushrooms or chestnuts.

Lausanne’s ‘Notre Dame

For those who cannot leave the city, there are still those precious moments before the sun disappears, when buildings of stone or concrete seem almost ablaze in golden hues, to be enjoyed in full admiration of the beauty of it all.

Autumn is indeed my favourite season – well, at least the first part of autumn.  😉