Morges, 6th September 2015_Livre sur les quais_stitchLivre sur les quais’, Morges, 6th September 2015 [click to enlarge]

As I had not been to any of the five previous editions of the book festival at Morges, a town only 10 minutes by train from Lausanne, I was probably feeling a little guilty about it and, after having found out that a best-selling French author about whom I wanted to know a little more would be giving several talks during the course of ‘Livre sur les quais’, I decided to forget about going to the mountains on either Saturday or Sunday. Instead I chose to listen to several lectures and rub shoulders with other book aficionados while taking a leisurely stroll along the many stalls filled with books that authors would be patiently sitting at (in a kind of ironical reversal of their status) so as to be able to talk to their readers and sign copies of their books for them.


Readers on the prowl, ‘Livre sur les quais’, Morges, 6th September 2015

Although the experience was not new to me (thanks to the Geneva book fair, which incidentally ranks among the top three cultural events in Switzerland in terms of attendances), the scale of the event, the quality of the lectures and conferences plus the exquisite surroundings – as most of the events took place within sight of Lake Léman and its beautiful mountain backdrop – and superb weather on Sunday turned my three-day visit to ‘Livre sur les quais’ into a ‘bout of literary book-buying and author seeing’ I am unlikely to forget soon – despite the rather dark and disturbing underpinnings running through the work of this most famous French author I could not avoid noticing*…

Autographs collected at ‘Livre sur les quais’The calligram in the first autograph stands for beauty in the mother tongue of Mr Atiq Rahimi (an extraordinary author I discovered at Morges while attending a talk on the theme of exile)


Another great ‘discovery’: the literary cruise.


In fact, I was so impressed by Laurence Suhner’s contribution to the discussion on science fiction on the 12h45 to 13h45 literary cruise (dubbed ‘fantastic’) on Sunday that I decided to make a splash when I went to her stall a little later on in the afternoon:

Laurence Suhner_Quantika trilogy

I bought the three novels of her trilogy, Quantika, as it is not often that I purchase literary works by local authors** (not that I hold any bias against littérature romande, it is simply that I caught the English language bug early in life and that, as a result, I have tended to acquire more books in English than in French), especially sci-fi novels…

*More on this in a future post, I suppose – in which case, there will be a link here.         **Her face seemed somewhat familiar – even if this can be explained by the fact that I am also from Geneva and we are both of the same age –, so this is likely to have influenced my purchase decision, too.

Oops, earlier, I forgot to mention the many, many volunteers who, as is always the case with such events, are the ones who make it possible for us to enjoy them: thank you so much.