Today I went to the university library at La Riponne to borrow some books (I usually do so on Saturday mornings). Among the books I borrowed, there were some booklets, esoteric in scope, about one of my favourite mountain areas in Switzerland, the Préalpes vaudoises at Leysin.

DSCN0701One of these booklets (which I have not read yet) makes a strange claim: that one of the mountains jutting out above Lake Léman was the equivalent of a sphinx for the Celts (Switzerland’s far-distant forefathers). What an unusual claim, the more so as its author (as I found out when I looked up his name in the online uni catalogue yesterday) wrote a doctoral dissertation in 1952 on the price of milk!

sphinx at Leysin_question mark_Leysin tourismAs I had to log on to the Internet this evening to check among other things the postal code for Leysin (which I did by looking up the contact details of the tourism office of Leysin), I got to see this picture of the very same mountain by José Crespo on the website of Leysin‘s tourism office. From this vantage point, the mountain does indeed look even more like a sphinx. Does it not?

Strangely, I had forgotten about this earlier entry, published two years ago, in which I wrote:

The flank of Tour d’Aï that is visible on this photo (i.e. on the far right) is called the ‘wall of the sphinx’. The nickname seemed totally appropriate, as to me the mountain indeed looked like some monster lying in wait for its prey …

Hhmmm…I guess I shall have to read this booklet soon.  😉

More on this topic soon on my other blog.