Last year, I did not get to climb on the top of any mountain.  😦

This was the highest I got to:

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So for this year my ambition was to climb at least the mountain (Tour d’Aï) above this vantage point (near La Berneuse) and its sister, Tour de Mayen. However, although it is almost mid-August, until this evening I could not look back happily to a single trip to the mountains.

DSCN6398The ‘twin towers’ of and Mayen with the small mountain resort of Leysin below (white buildings), as seen from the train travelling from Valais on 25th May 2014.

One of the reasons I did not try to go up there (Tour d’Aï) was that I was quite apprehensive (because I fell several times 2 years ago while doing my mountain running), but everything went well this time (despite the short shower I was entitled to when I was on the top of the mountain).

Furthermore, on the top of Tour de Mayen I even talked to a very nice young man who used to live in Geneva but recently moved to Leysin.

More on this trip in a future post on my other blog.

DSCN9589_Mayen_Gaia_LovelockIn communion with ‘Gaia’ on the top of Tour de Mayen, a little after 8 pm.