True, I have already blogged about it somewhere else, but I still cannot get over it:

DSCN0303In summer, Geneva’s ‘white plume of foam’ is visible from the very flat where I live (pictures shot a week ago).

DSCN0305Click to enlarge


Of course, this true emblem of the city where I was born and where I spent most of my life appears as nothing more than a shiny white dot on the horizon (somewhere above the ‘d’ in ‘© à la mode de chez nous’ in the pictures above), but to an ex-Genevois, it is really nice to have this reminder of ‘home’ visible from one’s own windows…

A couple of hours ago, I came across this highly lyrical description of Geneva’s Jet d’eau (water spout) which I wrote some 15 to 16 years ago:

From the Salève, the Jet d’eau looks like a beautiful quill, a pen one might be tempted to use to add a few words on the landscape or on the sky, words that would be full of tenderness and that one would write to either a beloved person or to the charming city of Geneva.

when I was younger and therefore prone to more lyrical outbursts_‘the Jet d'eau looks like a beautiful quill’_Geneva-GuideI can remember when Sebastian and I went up the Salève (the mountain which really looks like a whale, slightly to the left of the crane in the middle of the first picture) to take this photo. What I had forgotten, however, was that I had gone to the trouble of researching info on Geneva’s icon to such an extent (‘The Jet d’eau’, available thanks to the Internet Archive) and that water was already then such a strong matter of interest to me.

By the way, that Geneva’s Jet d’eau is visible from such a distance is further evidence that 150 years ago patches of white narcissus fields would have been visible from Lausanne (as claimed by the great 19th century nature writer Eugène Rambert), with the naked eye, that is:

DSCN8796Narcisses visibles depuis Lausanne?


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