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At this time of the year, it is almost a crime to be at home in the evenings, here in the region of Lake Léman, because there is still enough daylight to be able to see distinctly after 10 pm, thereby opening up many possibilities for interesting outdoor activities. Yet I am prepared to make the following concessions: this holds only if the weather is nice, one is able-bodied and one’s familial or professional duties allow one to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

However, there is a price to pay for these super long days: in winter, we get just the opposite, yes, those dreadful super short days! And if you live at the western end of this lake (in Geneva, that is), the sun can be blotted out by clouds or mist, sometimes for periods as long as four to five days in a row. How depressing it is, I can tell you.

This is why at this time of the year one feels almost invariably the urge to make the most of these long evenings, probably with a view to being able to store in one’s memory the intensity of the sunlight (just before our radiant companion is about to call it a day) for those long winter days when the skyline is really grey and drably…

View from balcony, evening of 23rd June 2015, eight forty-twoI like this kind of light – 23rd June [click to enlarge!]

So, hopefully this year, more of either this (close to sea level):

 or, why not, much, much above sea level, i.e. high up in the Alpes vaudoises:

[click on this link to view the panorama full screen]

Whichever because what really matters is to be out enjoying these long evenings to the full!