For some strange reason, not only has « à la mode de chez nous » (i.e. this blog) attracted more visitors today, but my ‘cyber guests’ have clicked on more than one page (average of 1.6). One visitor even went to the trouble of clicking on this picture to view it in full size:

From the post entitled « Courir à Sauvabelin lorsqu’il a neigé »

Not that I blame him or her because I think it is a great picture – if I dare brag a little.

Some posts on this blog get very few visitors – maybe this is because some crucial keywords are missing, because the pictures have not been renamed or simply because the subject matter was too trivial to merit making it into Google’s main index or, even better, on the first page of this search engine’s results.

So with a view to doing away with these pages which have been viewed only once (ex-front page, that is), here are my least visited entries, as at 17th June 2015, 11:44 pm CET. Please note that for some this is simply attributable to the fact that the entries were published only very recently – for instance, Echoing the forest was published in the early hours of this morning.

So for those who like clicking on hyperlinks, here are my blog’s top laggards (i.e. entries viewed not more than ten times on a ‘stand-alone’ basis):

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