I had to go to town yesterday evening. Three stops before I would have to get off the M2* at Lausanne Flon, two Asian ladies boarded the train in my carriage and stood right next to me. As I saw that they were trying to figure out something on the map of the city, I asked them whether they were lost or whether they were simply looking for a place that they could not find on the map. The younger lady said that she wanted to know where to find some shops. I explained that there was none open at this time of the day (it must have been just after half past seven) except for some convenience stores scattered across the city.

From their accent, I surmised that they were from Southeast Asia, but I was wrong about the country: they were not from Singapore, but from Malaysia. I told them about my wife, a Singaporean of Malay upbringing, thereby explaining why I had wrongly taken their English accent to be Singaporean. My recommendation was to go to Ouchy (Lausanne’s harbour) and take a stroll along the lakeside. This was a no-brainer because Ouchy is the last stop of the M2 going downhill. Although I told them to get off first at Riponne-Maurice Béjart and go to the small open space in front of the cathedral to admire the view of the lake and mountains from there (given that the cathedral would already be closed).

As their map was still open, I was able to point out to them some of the sightseeing landmarks on it and explain what they were and where they were. Four stops (as I kindly stayed on and got off at the fourth station to have more time to finish giving my recommendations) allows for barely more than a crash description of the places of interest to see in Lausanne, a city with many jewels to offer to the visitor who is prepared to take the time to discover** them. 😉

Maybe I should become a private touring guide as I have always enjoyed showing people round the places where I live or where I have lived (for however short a period – ‘Playing guide in Zurich…’).  😉

So if the two Malaysian ladies stick to the plan they mentioned yesterday, they will be seeing this view this morning – although the panorama below was shot several weeks ago, the weather is right now pretty similar (at 6:20 am):

Vue sur les toits lausannois et le lac depuis Notre-Dame, DSCN8754[Click to enlarge]

By the way a big hello to my visitors from Malaysia, as I do get some Malaysians who occasionally land on to this blog:

Visitors to paulzan from Malaysia* Lausanne’s MRT line from the lakeside – Ouchy – right up to the boundary of the city with the commune of Epalinges at Croisettes.

** On Sunday 31st May, I played guide to two Greek visitors who had asked me their way – more in a forthcoming entry, to be probably entitled ‘Let the city surprise you’.

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