DSCN9138Eugène Rambert’s tombstone in the shape of a mountain, ~2k from my home

To paraphrase Eugène Rambert*, the feet of a mountain lover really hitch come the month of June… For my part, I really want to make the most of the summer months this year given that last year I was unable to do so because of this:

Foot hurt at les Avants on 1st June 2014I hurt my foot on 1st June 2014 while on the lookout for narcissi with CT.

Not only did it spoil my ‘running season’ in summer, but also in autumn. Moreover, this winter I felt less confident when I went running on the snow near home as this accident seems to have weakened my left foot  i r r e m e d i a b l y.

DSCN8848Places of energy in Switzerland

There are so many places I want to go to this summer: waterfalls, prehistoric stone circles, places of energy [see the book cover above] and, why not, the source of either the Rhone or the Rhine. This is in Switzerland alone, nothing to say about Scotland or Italy.

One thing is sure, I am going to go back up there, be it to the top of either Tour d’Aï or de Mayen.

DSCN3920_stitchView of lake Léman, some 2,300m above sea level, at 7:43 pm on 26 July 2013

I kind of pity the two Malaysian ladies I met on the métro yesterday because they will be going home without even knowing that there are (near Lausanne) places as beautiful as these mountain tops to visit in late spring/summer… Although Tour de Mayen is the most difficult of the two to climb – on 26 July 2013, having left my descent a little too late as I wanted to enjoy the sunset to the max, I tried to make up for this by going down fast…and I slipped; fortunately, I was holding a rope when this happened. So no harm except a bruised elbow and forearm, plus a broken watch** (made in China). That was my third mountain running accident in spring/summer 2013.

So in 2014, as I had hurt my foot on 1st June, I decided to take it easy and I went up there (to the Alpes vaudoises) only once – but what an experience it was – some call it unio mystica:

Sunset as seen from Alpes vaudoises, 18 July 2014

I have yet to upload either of the two clips I shot; then you will understand what unio mystica means even if you have absolutely no knowledge of Latin.

I promise that I shall upload either video within a week – so please come back!  😉

Here it is (added 17 June at 12:48, in a low resolution format):

* the nineteenth century mountain climber, flora lover and writer who described the Montreux narcissus as ‘Venus, the immortal goddess, basking in the glory of her fecundity almost to the point of drunkenness’ [my translation].

** It was only one of these watches runners who think too seriously of themselves/their running performances wear to record their data/monitor their hearts, not some fancy piece of timekeeping jewellery made in this country.  😉