There is so much going on in the world that there is no shortage of topics to blog about. Unfortunately, I have been pretty busy of late.

Paul's page 1st look

First look of my other ‘presence’ on the Internet (22 February)

Late on Saturday, I decided that the only way to transfer some rather heavy files to a recipient without having to resort to some US file exchange or storage system like Dropbox was to make them ‘downloadable’ from a password-protected page on the Internet. This in turn meant setting up a webpage from a company whose servers would be located in Switzerland as well as finding some kind of password protection solution. The only problem is that it is rather difficult to do when you have not fiddled with HTML for quite some time (yes, it has been more than 10 years) because I deem that WordPress does not count in this respect as this platform is so user friendly that one does not need to get ‘one’s hands dirty’ with HTML coding in order to be able to publish pages on the Internet with it – PS I had ruled out WordPress too because it is American and anyhow I think there is a limit to the size of the files you can upload onto WordPress.


Once this was done, I was able to continue reading some of the books I had borrowed a couple of weeks ago from various libraries. I believe that you will have guessed from the titles shown above that I am in the process of ‘reinventing’ myself, to use a euphemism, although I must acknowledge, too, that I am a heavy reader. As we do not have enough room for them here in the flat, approximately half of the 1,300 books I own are in the cellar. Of course, this makes me unhappy, but there is simply not enough room for them all up here. This is why I have cut down on the number of books I purchase and I have opted for more ordinary library loans or interlibrary loans instead of automatically reaching for the websites of the Book Depository or of abebooks.


We had some beautiful weather today – the snow is melting fast and there will probably be hardly any left by tomorrow midday. Anyhow this spell of nicer weather prompted my wife to work on her balcony garden a little. To her delight, she discovered three carrots which had managed to survive because they had remained deep in the soil and because this year’s winter has been relatively mild with only a very small number of days with temperatures below zero.

Tree being felled_25 and 26 February 2015

However, this nice surprise was not sufficient to make up in full for this bad surprise: the tree nearest to our balcony was felled between yesterday and today. This is very sad because it used to attract many birds and we used to love to hear them sing in spring, summer and autumn. What a major disappointment. The more so as the removal of this tree is bound to have an impact on the number of little feathered visitors (as my wife calls them) to our balcony. Needless to say, this does not make us happy!