DSCN6373Blagette 2013, the badge which is sold to help support the Fasnacht

The start of the Fasnacht, Basle’s Carnival, is less than a week from now. We got to experience the magic of this amazing array and display of movement, sounds and colours for the first time two years ago. I am almost ashamed of that, but I do have an excuse: the date (Monday after Ash Wednesday) usually clashes with the first school term of the year in Geneva (whose February school holidays are usually a week earlier than Basle City’s, as Switzerland is a confederation of states — ‘cantons’ as we call them –, each one being responsible for its own educational and judicial systems, police forces, etc.). Then when I worked as a teacher of English and history in Genevese high schools, it was the same problem; in my next jobs, I was too busy with the positions I held either in Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich.

Fasnacht_Basle_18 Feb 2013_aBasle Fasnacht, the Monday morning procession to the tune of the Morgestraich

However, thanks to my wife who spurred me to take her there, we did get to enjoy what can only be described as the quintessence of Swiss festivals. Not only is it extremely popular (in the sense that it attracts large crowds and that it is organised, staged and performed by the people of Basle), but it is free of the scourge of other such mass events: commercialism. In other words, the true festive spirit, untainted by money, still prevails — just as it should!

Floats_Fasnacht_Basle_18 Feb 2013

Some of the many floats, often satirical, in keeping with the Roman origin of the carnival

In short, I hope we shall be able to make it to the city centre of Basle on 23 February before Morgenstreich (morning strike), i.e. when the lights are turned off at 4 a.m. sharp and the parade begins, led by the pipers and the drummers, who are followed by other members of the cliques wearing elaborate masks and costumes and either carrying lanterns or trailing satirical floats.

But this is only the first part of the festival, which starts again a couple of hours later and lasts for 72 hours in all.  Here are four more photos of the carnival, all shot on Monday afternoon.

DSCN6194 DSCN6298DSCN6274DSCN6317Link