MeteoSwiss, the Federal Met Office, is forecasting a snap of cold weather over the next few days as Switzerland will be caught between an anticyclone centred on the British Isles and a depression (low pressure) over the Mediterranean. The resulting chilly wind that seems to bite one’s cheek (‘bise’ in French normally means a soft, gentle kiss on somebody’s face, although some claim that the word stems from a Germanic word, bîsjō, meaning north-east wind, via the medieval Latin word biza) will account for what MeteoSwiss expects to be an ‘icy’ week:

La semaine s'annonce glaciale.._Swiss Met Office_2 Feb 2015MeteoSwiss, forecasts for the week, as at 6:22 am on 2 February 2015

In turn, this means that the landscape which we are able to enjoy from our home is set to remain almost ‘pure’ white with only minimal activity on the construction sites (yes, there are several) below our block of flats:

DSCN7987_View from balcony 1 February 2015_five twenty-nineView from our balcony 1 February 2015, 5:29 pm

With a bit of luck, the drop in the temperature might cause my favourite lake in winter to freeze and thus allow me to walk across its length in full – fingers crossed.

Crossing lac de Joux_panorama haut_2 March 2013Lake of Joux, 2 March 2013

Otherwise, I guess I shall have to do with what I have closer to home and enjoy more familiar sights, but probably covered under even more snow:

DSCN7971The ‘green’ bicycle, 27 January 2015

Contrary to my initial apprehension, January was not as hot as last year thanks to a snap of colder weather accompanied with snowfalls which occurred in the latter part of the month. However, on our way to the market on Saturday 24 January, my wife spotted some buds on trees, primroses blooming at several locations and even some flowers on this particular tree almost opposite Lausanne’s castle in the old town, which means that the weather had been sufficiently warm in the first half of the month to set in motion the budding/blooming process in the very midst of winter!

DSCN7794Tree with flowers, Lausanne, 24 January 2015

When we came back from the market, the snow started to fall again, gently at first, then more heavily. Since then there have been snowfalls almost on a daily basis, which is why there is plenty of snow around. I now feel that we are having a ‘real’ winter. 😉