Democracy Day_BBC_20 January 2015[Democracy Day on the BBC, 20 January 2015]

The BBC is holding a Democracy Day on its radio, TV and online channels with a view to looking at ‘democracy past, present and future’ on account of the fact that ‘the year 2015 sees the 750th anniversary of the first Westminster Parliament and 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta’.

To me, democracy does not seem to be alive and kicking, not even in the West, if we stick to its etymological meaning, ‘rule by the people’ (Greek: dēmos, ‘people’, and kratos, ‘rule’), given that autocracy, oligarchic power structures (e.g. Trans-Pacific Partnership) or even theocracy seem to be on the rise.

But at least the BBC is making the topic of democracy an object of debate today, 20 January 2015, which is already a good starting point given its global reach.


Published 6:49 am.