A South-East Asian lady who is currently living in Switzerland with her family has asked me on a famous social media platform to post some pictures of the run I did today along the river Flon to enjoy the snow and the river landscape near home. As I love sharing some info on the places that I really like, I am happy to oblige.

DSCN7689 [Tridel waste incinerator, Lausanne-Sallaz, 17 Jan 2015]

Unfortunately, the snowfall we had yesterday night was not as heavy as the one we had had on 27 December so that by the time I left home, some of the snow had melted because of the sleet. To reach the river Flon from home, the easiest way is to run down to Sallaz and then take the path at the side of the awful waste incinerator whose exhaust chimney I often see belching an uninviting plume of smoke from the windows of our flat.

DSCN7690[Waterfall, river Flon, Sauvabelin, 17 Jan 2015]

One can enjoy the sight of several waterfalls starting only roughly 200 metres from the incinerator (what a pity they had to desecrate this beautiful spot – as a reminder, Sauvabelin means the forest of a Celtic god – or goddess! –, a deity of light to be precise, what a tragic irony, no?). I stopped at my favourite waterfall, but there was not much snow this time… In addition, I was surprised by the number of trees strewn across the river only a few metres upstream.

Trees felled as seen at Sauvabelin on 17 Jan 2015[Dead trees Sauvabelin, 17 Jan 2015]

I soon realised that some felling had taken place. What a sad sight to see so many trees dead around me. I felt like writing to the service responsible for this (Service des forêts) to find out why so many trees had to be felled. It was a real spoiler as far as I was concerned.

DSCN7697[Stair lock (?) near Croisettes, 17 Jan 2015]

I carried on until I had to cross the road that unfortunately cuts through Sauvabelin; then I ran past the vivarium (‘snake centre’) and under the motorway, where the flow of the river Flon seems to have been tamed by a system of stair locks.

DSCN7698[Area near Lausanne’s tallest waterfall, 17 Jan 2015]

Once up the hill, I was glad to see that there was a little more snow around. Another hill to climb and then I would have some flatter ground to run on.

DSCN7701[My favourite bicycle sculpture sporting the colour of winter; 17 Jan 2015]

I carried running until I reached what must have been a mill in the old days and I took some pictures of this ‘green’ bicycle, which I find so amusing.

DSCN7708[Be careful not to stand too close to the edge of this viewpoint!]

Roughly 200 hundred metres further upstream and I stopped in front of another waterfall I like. The current seemed stronger at this waterfall, probably because of the melting snow.

DSCN7713[I am sure you can guess what I did at this point]

I did not go to see the other two waterfalls. Instead I continued to run uphill. Deeper into the forest, I came across more dead trees, but this time, it must have been the wind which had brought down these trees. A little later on, I saw a man walking his husky. As I had seen this man walking his two huskies on a few occasions, I asked him about the other dog. I felt sorry that I had broached this subject because the other dog had died and the man still seemed a little upset about the loss of his dog. I apologised for having queried about his other dog. However, this caused me to lose my will with regard to running up to Mauvernay and I walked back home from the very spot where I had met this man.

DSCN7716[Sunset over lake Léman as seen from our bedroom, 17 Jan 2015]

Fortunately, a couple of hours later I got to see this beautiful sunset from our bedroom and I was able to forget about my faux pas.