When you get things wrong (really wrong), it is better to put out a corrigendum*, no?

Please read either ‘To submit or not to submit, that is the question.’ , ‘On a word of Latin origin unfortunately far too often in the news’ [I quote Guy Debord, who was so prescient] or ‘Literary scholarship is indeed a beautiful pursuit, Mr Houellebecq’.

*Or ‘corrigenda’ when there are several mistakes – ‘corrigenda’ is the plural in Latin.

7th March 2016


I am deeply shocked that several people were killed in cold blood because of cartoons published in a magazine three years ago:

DSCN7684 [Charlie Hebdo, 2 Nov 2011]

I was deeply shocked when I heard that somebody I vaguely knew was killed in a terrorist attack in Luxor in 1997; I still feel sad whenever I see a picture of the coffins of the Swiss citizens who were killed there in that attack.

I was deeply shocked when two colleagues of mine (when I worked in Lausanne) came back from their lunch break and told us about the horrendous scene they had just seen: a car which had deliberately crashed into people and fallen off one of Lausanne’s two main bridges, Grand Pont.

I was so shocked at how white a colleague (when I worked in Zurich) was when I saw her in our office the Monday after the Mumbai terrorist attacks (she had been attending a conference in the very hotel where it all happened) that I was unable to muster the courage to go to her desk and extend some words of sympathy to her — I still regret my ‘cowardice’.

I am still shocked at the number of car/lorry crashes (and even shootings) that killed people just before Christmas here in Europe and, of course, at some of the terrible mass killings which took place elsewhere.

Even though I can understand Stephen Hawking’s concern that artificial intelligence could end mankind, I simply wish that if machines do indeed become cleverer than us they will then be able to root out what there is in us that allows us to kill other human beings over beliefs.

In the meantime, let us take solace in this beautiful song: ‘Imagine’.

Duckduckgo results for John Lennon ‘ Imagine’[Duckduckgo results for John Lennon ‘Imagine’]