Vallée de Joux_snow info_New Year's Day 2015[Tourist office of Vallée de Joux, snow info, New Year’s Day 2015]

…the lake is not frozen yet. What a pity as it would have been such a great experience to walk across the lake (i.e. across its full length) with the glorious sunshine we are having today, on New Year’s Day.

 Frozen Lake of Joux 25 February 2012[Frozen Lake of Joux 25 February 2012]

But (fortunately) humans do not control the weather…  😉

DSCN7601[Mauvernay, Epalinges/Lausanne, 28 Dec 2014]

So I guess we’ll go closer to home, to Mauvernay (what I would describe as Lausanne’s natural ‘snow park’).  😉


It was well worth it: there was plenty of snow; it made for a very nice walk, even if our feet were a little cold towards the end. We even saw a young deer in the woods, so nice!

Bois Clos_Mauvernay-Chalet à Gobet 1er janvier 2015[Bois Clos, Chalet à Gobet, 1 January 2015]


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