In many respects, the year 2014 proved extremely disappointing as far as I am concerned, be it professionally, in terms of my running, of some of my personal relationships or even of my holiday-making (almost none). As for the wider geopolitical context, it was even worse with no end of wars and atrocities committed across the globe (5,000 deaths in November alone attributable to religious fundamentalism according to one source). However, I can still look back on 2014 as a year with some very nice surprises and memories. Here are some [click on the links in the captions to open up the related entries published in 2014].


2014 was a good year as regards flowers/trees:

Fête de la Tulipe Morges 4 mai 2014[Tulip Festival, Morges (near Lausanne), 4 May 2014]
Champ de narcisses au dessus de Montreux_dimanche 1er juin 2014 [I got to see thousands of my favourite flower, the narcissus, on 3 occasions; here at les Avants on 1 June 2014]
Jardin des Iris_16 juin 2014[The beautiful Iris garden, adorned with contemporary art, at Vuillerens, Vaud, 16 June 2014]
DSCN6701[The quintessential alpine flower, the edelweiss, Arolla, 14 September 2014]
DSCN6844[A remarkable tree, planted in 1798, at Cully, 20 September 2014]
 DSCN7214[Sauvabelin, 8 November 2014]


I either discovered or rediscovered some waterfalls near home or a little further out in the canton.

DSCN7547[Waterfall flowing from the river ‘Flon’, Lausanne, 27 December 2014]
SAM_1061[Doing my share to clean up the river ‘Flon’ near a waterfall, Lausanne,  18 Oct 2014]

Places infused with spirituality

Stones erected by man are not always necessary to be able to feel a spiritual connection…

DSCN7188 [Waterfall flowing from the river ‘Flon’, Lausanne, 6 November 2014]
DSCN7067_Blue lake looking east_3 Oct 2014[Blue lake near Arolla, 3 October 2014]

…but many religious buildings were built where they stand for a reason! It was no coincidence. 😉

Adam and Eve_Romainmôtier[Abbey-church of Romainmôtier, 29 September 2014]
DSCN7449[Cathedral of Lausanne, 18 December 2014]


In 2014, I was able to enjoy several beautiful sunsets, sometimes even from the windows or the balcony of my home!

View from near la Berneuse_18 July 2014, eight o'clock[View from a vantage point near la Berneuse, 18 July 2014]
DSCN6600[Wood near Croisettes, Epalinges, 1 September 2014]
DSCN7301[Near Aran, in the Unesco-listed region of Lavaux, 21 November 2014]
View from balcony_19 November 2014[View from our balcony, 19 November 2014]
DSCN7605[View from our balcony, 31 December 2014]

I wish you all a most propitious year: may 2015 be a great year for humanity and may it bring us peace!