DSCN7314[View from our balcony at 8:22 am today: most of the cranes opposite our block were not even visible]

I am waiting for the mist to lift so as to be able to go on a bicycle ride, as I fear that it might be a little dangerous to be out on some narrow road when there is such low visibility.

Near Savigny, greater Lausanne area, 21 November 2014[Autumn landscape as seen from a countryside road somewhere in between Lausanne and Lavaux; see pic 2 months earlier]

Thick mist is not only dangerous if you are driving or cycling, but it can be depressing if it fails to clear over a period of several days. However, some little mist here and there does certainly add a touch of ‘mystery’ to a landscape, does it not?

 DSCN9977[The highest waterfall in the Lausanne Vennes-Epalinges area]

I thought that I would post a few pictures of two recent outdoor trips while waiting for better visibility outside. On Thursday, I took my wife to admire the waterfalls we had failed to see on our two previous trips along the river Flon. Even if not as nice as the ‘Sting’ waterfall near Croy, this one was certainly impressive, too.

 Green bicycle[Three layers of green for this bicycle, the last one being semantic]

DSCN9991 [Probably nicer to ‘chill out’ here in summer]

Near what must have been a mill in the old days, we caught sight of these two ‘green’ items: a bicycle (which is also a ‘green’ means of locomotion) and a bed (better suited for the hot summer days of August, I would guess). What an original way to greet the passer-by, no?

DSCN7294_place Hugo Pratt_21 novembre 2014 [Place Hugo Pratt, Grandvaux, 21 November; click to enlarge]

On Friday, I went cycling again to Grandvaux, this small village located in the heart of Lavaux with a breathtaking view of the eastern end of Lake Léman. I was keen to see the vineyards that lie snugly on the rolling hills under the autumn sun so as to catch sight of the beautiful orange glow that I had admired on these hills from this vantage point on previous occasions.

Aran_Lavaux_21 novembre 2014[Sunset across Lake Léman, as seen from above Aran, 21 November; click to enlarge]

Although the view of Lavaux in autumn was not quite as good as what I had been able to admire in the past, probably because I was a little late in the season and also a little too late in the afternoon, the latter meant that I got to see this beautiful sunset a few minutes later on while I was cycling down the highly scenic route de la Corniche.

There is still some mist out there, but I shall go out nonetheless … because there are still some waterfalls which I have not seen 😉

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