DSCN6469Yesterday afternoon I decided to make use of the beautiful weather to do some cycling. Summer is about to end and I do not know whether the nice weather we have had in September — even if it still does not make up for the rotten weather of July and August — will extend into autumn.

As I have been really interested in trees for over a year (I have borrowed books, I have looked up info about special trees or forests on the Internet, I have longed about going to these places, etc), I pulled out from my library a book I had purchased almost two months ago and I decided that it was high time to go and see the ‘special’ tree nearest to home, some 10 kilometres away, and an old ‘friend of mine’ in the UNESCO-listed area of Lavaux. Given that it was a really nice day and that I was looking to ‘establish some kind of rapport’ not only with these two trees but also with the other places I intended to go to, I decided to cycle, almost in a gesture of ‘mortification of the flesh’.

With only a rough idea of the location of the first of the two trees (thanks to the map service of a famous search engine), I set off on my bicycle. However, I have been blessed with a good sense of orientation and, surprisingly, I got to the park where this tree is to be admired almost by ‘design’ given the numerous ‘détours’ I had to make to reach my first goal.


The first of the two ‘special’ trees is an oak whose trunk is hollow. Unfortunately, some kids who were playing in the area almost burned it down to the ground. The local firemen had to intervene to save it. After this incident, the tree was given the ‘attention’ it deserves, namely some clutches to support its heavy branches. Unfortunately, the oak is on private grounds (i.e. an upper-end restaurant) and I felt too self-conscious in my very tight cycling clothing to go and check this ‘special’ tree from a much closer range.


On my way (up), I got to see and touch this other ‘special’ tree … so my trip was well worth it!

DSCN6877_panorama from Cully, Lavaux, Canton of Vaud, 20 Sept 2014[Click to enlarge]

The weather is simply too good right now to remain stuck at home, so I am going to go downstairs, get my bicycle out and I ride it to enjoy a view very much similar to this one.

I intend to expand this entry with more photos and, of course, text. Despite my poor ‘track record’ of completing ‘unfinished’ entries (see links below), I am convinced I shall to do so this time because I really enjoyed yesterday’s afternoon cycling outing. To whet your appetite, here are some photos:

DSCN6801_église Saint-Sulpice

One of my favourite churches in Switzerland, more than a thousand years old. Notice that the lake is very close (patch of blue on the far left). When you are inside, you feel ever so peaceful – some claim it is because of the telluric forces that cross this building.


What is left of the temple the Romans built in Lausanne, at Vidy. As I stood in the middle of the temple, I recalled Shelley’s famous poem ‘Ozymandias’…


I simply love ‘old stones ’, i.e. the type of stones erected almost 4,000 years ago …


A venerable plane tree, planted in 1798. I spent about 40 minutes enjoying its ‘presence’.

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