You get rid of the trees (which had been there probably for decades) …

Panorama depuis Vennes sur Sallaz, Sauvabelin et le lac Léman « avant » et « après » l'abattage des arbres juste dessous notre fenêtre

… therefore without a whiff of respect for the genius loci (Latin expression which means the ‘unique character of a place’) …


[I am sure that it would have been easy to preserve some trees by incorporating them into the overall design of the place.]


… then, almost  so as to come to terms with your guilty conscience, you plan to plant a few trees here and there, totally at odds with the genius loci!


The reason for this is simple, greed — as is made clear by this hoarding (billboard in US English) which is promoting a block of flats to be built in the vicinity (on the other side of the main road, to be precise – see the far left of the picture below).


And instead of going for higher rise blocks, you decide to cover the whole area with blocks of no more than six storeys: what a judicious use of the space available to the urban planners of Lausanne!