I am longing for some form of elevation:


… be it more ‘spiritual’, as shown here: « Grand A* » Etienne Krähenbühl, Les Jardins du Château de Vuillerens (Vaud, Switzerland), 16 June 2014                               * ‘A’  as in ‘arbre’ in French or tree in English …


… or ‘spiritual’ as well as more ‘earthly’, as is the case here: Tour d’Aï (left) and Tour de Mayen (right) with the village of Leysin below (as taken from the train near Aigle, 25 May 2014); hopefully, I shall be able to go there again this weekend because of …


… the very ‘down to earth’ activities that are going on below our place (in Lausanne) at the moment (picture taken on 20 June, thus it is worse now). Somehow I need to get away from this, so I hope that the weather forecasts for this weekend (which are predicting some bad weather) will turn out to be wrong!

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