mothers-day-2014-international-5200436227211264-hp[The URL for Google’s for Mother’s Day ‘doodle is available here.I hope Google will not mind my use of their ‘doodles’ on my blog.]

Google has come up with a great ‘doodlefor Mother’s Day, I absolutely love it because it shows a mother having fun with her kids, all of them cycling with their caps in the wind. Of course, one could argue that this depiction is ‘western-centric and that it occults all the family-related duties and chores that are the daily lot of mothers (and which help to sustain the economic system in which we live as mothers are not remunerated for their work as mothers), but I find this drawing very positive. The father is absent, which probably implies that the mother is capable of sustaining the family on her own (of course, you could argue that he is not in the frame because he is the one who did the drawing), the three characters are using a means of transport that is both ecological and healthy (which in our part of the world we call ‘mobilité douce’) and, last but not least, they are all smiling. Anyhow, whether one likes this ‘doodle or not, a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

PS I also like the fact that the cyclists are wearing helmets (yesterday, when I cycled to Ouchy and then back home, I saw dozens and dozens of cyclists and I was glad to see that they were nearly all wearing cycling helmets, which is nice because it is one of the few safety measures to have been adopted here in Switzerland without a law enforcing it).