When I was in Singapore in June/July 2012, I decided that I would upgrade my telephone from the old Communicator I had (see a picture here) to a new Nokia ‘smartphone’. The Lumia 900 mobile phone has a decent camera: 8 megapixels with a resolution of 3,264 (height) and 2,448 pixels (width); the focal length is 28mm. The camera has as 3X zoom. Although I am no camera expert and even though to date I have not even bothered to find out about how to use the camera’s functionalities properly (and even less so the software), I am quite pleased with the quality of the pictures the Nokia Lumia 900 takes. Here is a sample of the pictures I have shot using the Nokia Lumia 900 over the past fifteen months or so. [Roll the pointer of your mouse on any picture to display the caption.]

Wedding, Malay style, Singapore_7 July 2012

A wedding (Malay style) in Singapore after the solemnisation showing the bride, as she was about to pay her respects to the eldest members of the congregation.

Vegetable orchestra_Festival de la Cité 16 July 2012

Festival de la Cité 2012 (Lausanne): a group of musicians from Austria who played music using … vegetables. Later on the instruments were turned into … a soup for the audience! More pictures on my wife’s account here. Maybe I ought to have posted the video I shot with my Nokia. Let us see whether popular demand forces me to do so  😉


Sunset over one of Geneva’s old steamboats, La Genève. This boat is no longer used for trips; it is used as a restaurant/bar as well as for other social events [more pictures on Geneva’s lakeside here].


The beautiful lake of Carezza with the Dolomites in the background (northern Italy) – see more pictures on my wife’s entry.


The small seaside village of Manarola, in the UNESCO-listed area of Cinque Terre, Liguria (northern Italy), as we were making our way along Via dell’Amore. We fell in love with this region (outline entry here), as so many have done so before us I suppose.


The area just below Tour d’Aï in Alpes vaudoises in autumn, a favourite spot of mine [more pictures here]. I wish I shall manage to go back there again this year while there are such nice colours around; well, if I do not maybe I can go in winter as I am sure that Tour d’Aï (protruding rock on the far left) under the snow would make a nice picture.


Another UNESCO-listed area, this time in Switzerland: the region of Aletsch. This particular glacier is called Oberaletsch. It lies south of the Bernese Alps, in the canton of Valais. Although I had been to the area of Aletsch before, this was my first trip on my own as far out in the mountains; I was hoping to be able to purchase some refreshments at the nearby alpine shelter but it was already closed. Still, I really enjoyed this trip, mostly because of the stunning beauty of the scenery – read my outline here.


On my way back from Oberaletschhütte to Belap while I was still walking along the Panoramaweg heading towards the tongue of the glacier of Oberaletsch (it can be seen on the right). The colours of autumn against this rugged landscape made the whole experience feel almost ‘otherworldly’.


Part of Grand Muveran, which unless I am mistaken is the second highest mountain in Alpes vaudoises. This photograph of the various sediments which seemed to have been squeezed together by some Herculean hands was shot not far from Frête de Saille, the area after which my companion headed back down the same way we had come along and I took another, safer route down to Ovronnaz in the canton of Valais (read my account here).


Lausanne cathedral at sunset: the golden rays seem to make the building stand out even more conspicuously on this autumn evening. In my opinion, this cathedral is the religious building most worthy of interest in the whole of Switzerland, in part because of its beautiful rose window (in stained glass), Gothic tower/belfry and impressive nave.


The havoc wreaked at Mauvernay by a storm which hit the lake Léman region on the night of Saturday/Sunday 27-28 October 2012. I counted no fewer than fourteen such trees (either split in two or uprooted) during my run on 1 November. This wood is one of my favourite spots for running – see, for instance, First snow in Lausanne, call of duty.


Although this picture is blurred, I like it. I accidentally shot it while I was racing downhill during Wasimolo 2012 [with my right leg on the left sporting the dark blue and yellow stripes of my running tights].


Starting in the earlier hours of Sunday 9 February 2013,  there were some heavy snowfalls in Geneva – in fact, the heaviest in 20 years. I shot this picture just before reaching the office, just after 7 o’clock the next morning. Two days later, I went for a run along the lakeside (click here for some pictures).


The Bernese Alps as seen from the train while it was passing along the lake of Neuchâtel early in the morning – we were on our way to Zurich. It brought back nice memories of such early morning landscapes I would catch sight of in summer when I would take the train from Lausanne to Zurich during the 20 months or so I worked in Switzerland’s main business centre.

Cavoli_stitch[Click to enlarge]

Cavoli, isle of Elba (Tuscany, Italy): we had such a good time there that we decided to extend our holidays on that island. The beach was nice and so was the colour of the sea. A great way to prepare for the colder days which lie ahead.


To paraphrase René Magritte, ceci n’est pas un tableau: it is a black and white photography. To find out the name of the photographer, check out the entry I wrote (partly) on Nuit des Musées 2013.