I have not written anything for quite some time … not that I did not want to … it was more a question of self-censorship (as I was a little upset by what had happened in France, Sweden and the UK, if we limit it to a European perspective) … anyhow, the month of May saw some other important events which I would also like to touch upon in a future entry. Moreover, I would like to share some thoughts too about some interesting documentaries and TED conferences I have seen/listened to on the Internet  – maybe the fastest way round will be to simply embed them into an entry with a few comments jotted above or below each clip.

For the time being, let me share about a new race I have just registered in after having realised that an email I had dismissed initially because of its subject heading (which read ‘Newsletter 20km de Lausanne‘) was in fact promoting a new race, called ‘Course Capitale Olympique‘ [Olympic capital race] and which is to take place one day after Olympic Day (i.e. 24 June) here in Lausanne.

This race is being organised by an association that promotes running in Lausanne (l’Association pour la promotion de la course à pied en Ville de Lausanne), which already organises 20km de Lausanne and Lausanne Midnight Run. As I have taken part in both races twice, my interest was immediately aroused. A cursory look at the course and at the programme was enough to entice me to register – I know the course well as it follows part of the route I take when I run from home to the lakeside. In fact, it would have been a pity not to take part in ‘Course Capitale Olympique‘ as the race is free!

The race, which is only 5 kilometres long, will nevertheless pass along some landmarks related to the Olympic movement such as Fountain of the Olympic Museum,  the stadium ‘Juan Antonio Samaranch‘, the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the stadium  ‘Pierre-de-Coubertin‘.

In addition, a new monument to the Olympic Movement will be unveiled on this date, which I reiterate is Olympic Day.

Finally, the race is also meant to honour Mr Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, who will be passing on the baton to his successor in September.

As city races are also the opportunity to reclaim the roads from cars, I look forward to this event in what has been my ‘city of adoption’ for over ten years now.

Newsletter 20km de Lausanne - Course Capitale Olympique - 24 juin 2013

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OK, time to get to bed now … so that I can wake up very early and run down to the beginning of this race and then back home before work … one should at least try to make good resolutions while the iron is hot!

Course capitale olympique … running to celebrate Lausanne’s ‘Olympicness’ = my account of the run with some photos.

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