Yesterday, Easter Monday, was a holiday in Switzerland. I was thus able to take the time to run back up to Mauvernay after a day of rest (Easter Sunday).

Domicile-Mauvernay + un tour dans Bois-Clos_map courtesy of swissgeo + schweizmobil

(Courtesy: swisstopo +  schweizmobil)

Because of the switch to summer time the night before, I decided to leave home after 6 pm for once, as I knew I would have an extra hour of daylight.

Plaine de Mauvernay 1 April 2013

Once at plaine de Mauvernay, I was a little saddened when I saw that there was not much snow left there … but that was more than on some days in January of last year 😉

Zurich parcours Vita_Bois-Clos-Mauvernay 1 April 2013

To my surprise, once in the wood I came across several long stretches of snow, several centimetres deep at some places … so that I decided to switch from my New Balance road shoes to my Salomon fell cross shoes when I reached this point of the Zurich parcours Vita (a fitness trail). [click on any of the panoramas to enlarge them]

Hail falling down_Bois-Clos_Mauvernay 1 April 2013

As I had left home on the late side, I still had about a lap and a half to complete (my plan was to do the three loops – see top part of the map shown above) when dusk fell. Fortunately, I had brought my headlamp as well as a hand-lamp so I decided to continue running. A little after 8 pm, it was the turn of (light) hail to fall down … True, it was April Fool’s Day but I was not expecting this.

Running with headlamp in the snow_1 April 2013

However, it was fun to run in the dark with tiny balls of ice falling. So I carried on and duly completed my three laps, then stopped at the chalet and changed back into my New Balance for my run downhill to Lausanne.

Oberaletsch 6 October 2012

Although I will miss the snow, I cannot wait for it to melt high up in the mountains so that I can go back to either the Bernese Alps, to Oberaletsch to be more precise, but this time running up and down the Panoramaweg

Lake Geneva and Valais+French Chablais from Frête de Sailles 13 October 2012

… or to Grand Muveran in the Vaud Alps, but from Valais as the track is not as steep on that side 😉