Winter is dragging its feet this year: we had some snow fall during most of yesterday’s morning (which was Good Friday). Halfway in the afternoon, the flakes turned into sleet. However, as I had not found the courage to go outside for a run on Thursday as the rain was sufficiently strong to deter me from doing so, yesterday afternoon I was determined to go out and run up to Chalet à Gobet and then through the nearby wood of Bois-Clos despite the sleet. In fact, I was curious to find out whether there was any snow left almost a week after my last run there (I ran twice this week, but each time in Geneva).

Unfortunately, the ‘sport centre’ at Mauvernay does not have a webcam, so that there is no means of finding out beforehand whether or not there is still snow up there – unless, I suppose, if one is prepared to call the nearby restaurant and enquire about the presence or absence of snow, but I guess that would be a little cheeky as I do not patronise this restaurant (as it is a bit difficult to get there without a car, which is a pity because the food is good) …


Anyhow I felt that it would do me a whole lot of good to run the 6+ kilometres from home to Chalet à Gobet to find out for myself the answer to my question because I would have to run up a couple of very steep slopes before getting there. And it would do me a whole lot of good because I have registered for two mountain races this summer and I must ensure that by then my legs will have been fed a sufficiently strong diet of hills.

Plaine de Mauvernay 29 March 2013

I was pleased to find out that there was still some snow left. Strangely, despite Good Friday being a holiday, there were not many people around. They must have been put off by the sleet/rain which was coming down non-stop.


There were some stretches of the course (I tend to follow the same track as the Zurich parcours Vita, a kind of short fitness trail that in addition to having people run along the track invites people to do the series of exercises present at regular intervals) where the snow seemed to be as deep as it had been last week: hurrah!


At other places, the snow was not as deep …


and there were some stretches where there was really not much left …


… even though there was still enough left for a group of people to build this snowman while I was running through the wood.

Zurich Parcours Vita_Chalet à Gobet Credit: Zurich parcours vita, Google (click to enlarge)

Although I did only three laps of slightly over 3km each time, I still had to run the equivalent of two laps in order to reach home. But I would have liked to run more than 10km on the snow, so that going for a fourth lap was very tempting. Unfortunately, I could see that the mist would soon cover the whole area and, as I had no headlamp, I decided to head back home.

I find the combination of running uphill, running in the snow and running in the cold under the fleet/rain as particularly tiring … and as it is still raining this morning with some heavy mist out there I wonder whether I shall manage to drum up enough enthusiasm to go up there again today … but I doubt there will be many more opportunities this spring to run in the snow at Mauvernay

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