It is almost 10:30 pm and I am totally exhausted. This is why:

Leaving home at 6 thirty am_19 March 2013

First, I set out of home at about half past six – which in fact is about 40 minutes later than usual, but it was for a 48-minute run.

Panorama lac Léman, Lavaux, Lausanne, Chablais depuis Signal de Sauvabelin_19 mars 2013 6heures quarante-cing

It gave me the opportunity to admire some beautiful scenery (there is no doubt about that – PS just feel free to enlarge this panorama by clicking on it), …

Not enough snow at Sauvabelin_19 March 2013

… but there was not enough snow … which is why I decided to go running again during lunch (I had warned my colleagues that I would be out for a looooong break) .

Buckets filled up with snow from the balcony_19 March 2013

Still I had to see to an unusual duty before that: clearing the snow from the balcony so that it could be used as watering water for the plants (tap water being a little hard and chalky here at Lausanne-Vennes) …

What is more, before I was able to really run on the snow, I had to run for about 6.5km. However, it was mostly on paths that had been cleared of the snow. So it was not much fun, except for the fact that the weather had become much sunnier and there was really tonnes of snow around, which made it such a beautiful scenery to run along (despite the glare).

Chemin du Polny, près de chemin de la Pierraz_Epalinges_19 mars 2013

I nevertheless carried on running uphill (at times along some very steep slopes, just like this one) as I wanted to find out whether there would be more snow at Mauvernay (altitude of approx. 850m) than at Sauvabelin (603 to 663m).

Panorama plaine de Mauvernay_19 mars 2013_treize heures et 20 minutes

As you can see, it was worth it. Just before I took this picture (click to enlarge, as with any other picture), I stopped at a kind of chalet where people who are doing sports in the area (running, cycling, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, sledging, etc) can change, shower, etc. I changed into my new Salomon and ran only a few metres to be able to shoot this panorama of plaine de Mauvernay.

My feet were allowing in the snow at Mauvernay_19 March 2013

Then it was almost 4km of running in the snow, sometimes into deep snow! What great fun it was. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do another lap. So I stopped at the chalet and changed back into my non-crampon shoes. Then it was downhill to Croisettes. I was so exhausted that I even took the tube for the two stops from there to home!  However, as this second run had lasted an hour and forty-seven minutes I did not feel too bad about it 😉

This entry will be expanded (with many more photos) later on this week. Now it is time for bed, otherwise I will not have the energy for my run tomorrow at midday (this time in Geneva). Anyhow, I shall have to be up early to catch either the 6:12, 6:18 or 6:42 train to the city at the end of the lake (as we call it here).

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