When I left home early this morning, there was only a thin layer of snow on the ground. And  when I came back home from Geneva, there was hardly enough snow left, to my disappointment as I had been hoping to be able to go out for a run on the snow near home for the last time this winter.

Although MeteoSwiss, the national weather and climate service, had forecast some snowfalls for tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday, 19 March), it had also predicted that the snow that had fallen earlier in the day would not last, which indeed it did not. In Geneva, it had already melted by mid-morning:

Place Jargonnant_18 février 2013_9 42

So I assumed that I would not be enjoying the sight of snow again today.

Wrong: while I was surfing the Internet, it started snowing and the flakes have continued to fall so that by the time I went to the kitchen for a second drink this evening, I was elated at the sight of our balcony being covered in snow.  So I took out my camera to take these pictures:

Snow falling late in the season at Lausanne-Vennes_9 43 pm_18 March 2013

I concede that both pictures are not very good as I could not be bothered taking proper shots as they are meant only for illustrative purposes. There is about four to five centimetres of snow right now.

Luckily, tomorrow is the alternate Tuesday when I am allowed to work from home. Which means that, instead of having to take the train to Geneva at about six o’clock in the morning, I shall be able to run on the snow. As I was unable to run at midday today (as several colleagues stuffed me with work just before as well as during the lunch hour), I am even thinking of running to Sauvabelin early tomorrow morning and then to Mauvernay during my lunch break. Why not revel in it while I can?    😉

Yaktrax10 Feb 2013

Salomon Fellcross et empreinte chaussure_lac de Joux gelé_2 mars 2013

What is more, I have all night to decide which pair of shoes to wear tomorrow morning.

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