The first Friday of the month, several shops at a factory outlet centre almost in between Geneva and Lausanne offer additional discounts. I must admit that my wife and I have been regular visitors to this shopping centre over the past 20 months or so. In fact, a large chunk of the gear I have purchased for running or for other sports comes from this place. I also tend to buy my food supplements for long-distance running at that centre on the first Friday of the month as well as I tend to be on the lookout for any large-size shoes for my brother in law.

I must say that yesterday was a lucky evening for us. My wife found a new pair of Columbia snow boots at a super bargain price (I dare not mention the price) as well as a pair of nice winter shoes and some nice running socks.

Salomon Fellcross Lab purchased at a substantial discount on 1 March 2013

For my part, I found these special trail shoes at about only 36% of the ordinary retail price! The Salomon Fellcross lab are supposed to be great for running in mud or in snow.

Frozen Lake of Joux 25 February 2012

And I am super lucky because I am going to be able to put them to the test this afternoon because the lake of Joux is frozen and it has been open to the public since Tuesday (but today might be the last day as the temperature is forecast to go up next week). I intend to wear them for two mountain races this summer: the 31km of Sierre-Zinal and the 20km of Collon Trek.

Adidas RESP Stability 4M purchased at a substantial discount on 1 March 2013

Although it is always better to try out a pair of shoes before purchasing them, I felt these shoes were so cheap (at CHF40) that I had to buy them for my brother-in-law given that he experiences difficulties finding size 12.5 (US = 13, EUR = 48) shoes in Singapore. Worst case, he can always put an advertisement on the Internet in Singapore and make somebody happy if they do not fit his feet.

Running tops purchased for my brother on 1 March 2013

One of my good resolutions for this year is to get my brother to start running again (in his teens he was a keen footballer with even some promise). So far, because of the long winter we have been experiencing, we have not even done a single run together. However, he has been running a few times on his own. I am convinced that the two tops I have bought him will keep him warm during his runs in March and spring, with or without me.

Food supplements for long-distance running purchased on 1 March 2013

Although I have not run any long distances (i.e. >30km) since the end of December and therefore I still have a number of energy gels and PowerBars left, this will change this month as the weather is expected to become warmer and, as a result, the dangerous patches of ice I came across on my last ~20km run (from Morges to Ouchy) will disappear 😉

Having bought myself all these nice little treats, I would invite any readers of this blog to write to me and scold me if they do not find posted here in future any accounts of long-distance runs that will have been completed this month as well as in the following months!