I have to admit that the month of January has not started on too strong a footing as concerns my running. Firstly, I decided to take a week-long break which ended up more like being a 10-day break interspersed with one training session … Secondly, I was busy at work, to the extent that I stayed in the office late on two occasions and got back home in Lausanne after 9pm, so that the next two mornings I would have less energy to go out running. Thirdly, we have had some heavy snowfalls again here in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, which has made it hard to find the motivation to go out in the cold. However, I went again running on Friday, at midday, on the athletics track not far from my office in Geneva as I wanted to see the track under the snow. Unfortunately, the snow had already been removed from the track and, as a result, I did not get to enjoy running on a very narrow lane made of polyurethane amidst the snow as I had done two years ago.

However, I knew that my Sunday run in the snow at Mauvernay (near Chalet à Gobet) would allow me to derive much satisfaction as I really love hearing the crunching sound my feet make when they come crushing down onto snow that is still relatively fresh.

Croisettes, COFOB, montagnes Chablais 20 janvier 2013

Although there was a lot of snow, the roads and pavements had been cleared by the time I left home early in the afternoon, so that I did not get to enjoy this particular crunch of a sound while I was running uphill to get to Mauvernay until I reached the area near Lausanne’s hotel school (approximately 5 kilometres from where we live).

Mauvernay_bûches de bois_20 janvier 2013

Once up the hill above the hotel school, I simply had to follow the signs indicating the way to follow as part of the Parcours Vita. Just so as to show you how I looked in my winter gear, I decided to take a picture of myself.

Plaine de Mauvernay_ 20 janvier 2013

Once I reached the area near Plaine de Mauvernay, I was amazed at the number of kids enjoying sledging down from the top of the slope to the foot of the plain. There were so many of these children all excited at being able to play in the snow that it was quite noisy here. So I carried on, but I ran in the woods as opposed to running on the much flatter course along the plain.

Chemin Bois-Clos_Mauvernay Chalet à Gobet_20 janvier 2013

Towards the end of my first lap, I noticed a couple doing raquettes (French word for snowshoes) with the hubby carrying their baby on his back. Maybe they were getting the baby accustomed to both snow and cold as part of the baby’s initiation to winter sports 😉

Bois Mauvernay_30 Jan 2013

Unfortunately, the sun was not to be seen as much as when I had set out from home. However, this mist made the forest look almost a little mysterious, almost a little threatening at one or two places. But I liked this feeling.

Skieurs ski de fond_30 janvier 2013

On my last lap, I had to overtake some cross-country skiers. This was the first time I had done so in all my (short) life as a runner on snow. I suppose they were taking this path (as opposed to the one nearest to the plain) to avoid the numerous kids there that would be running back to their parents, all excited and thus unable or unwilling to look out for anybody heading into their direction at the same time. I decided that this would be my last lap as the batteries for my footpod had died out; anyhow I would still have to run for about an hour from this point before I would reach home; in other words, enough mileage to make it a decent long run and thus put me back onto my long distance running programme.

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