We were in France last weekend to celebrate dad’s 67th birthday.

Basement parents' house_Lucinges_8 Dec 2012

Birthdays as well as other parties usually tend to be celebrated in the basement, which is a room very brightly decorated, complete with a rotating disco ball fixed to the ceiling 😉

Lac Machilly_9 December 2012

As mum needs to exercise a little, we decided to go a great area for walks: an artificial lake about 15 minutes’ drive away from Lucinges, Lac de Machilly. However, the ground was a little treacherous and mum fell towards the end of her walk. Fortunately, she did not hurt herself; next time she goes there for a walk when there is snow, I hope she will be wearing the slip-on spikes I bought her for this very purpose.

Cave aux Fées_Saint-Cergues_France_9 December 2012

On our way back, we noticed the half-buried dolmen in a field at Saint-Cergues, called Cave aux Fées, at the foot of the Voirons mountain range. Although we only caught a fleeting glimpse of this neolithic structure, it was enough to prompt us to visit its sister at Reignier, La Pierre aux Fées.

Panorama of La Pierre aux Fées_Reignier_9 Dec 2012

Little is known about this monument, except that it was probably erected in the Neolithic age and that it belonged to a group of seven such structures in this area of France — unfortunately, the other five such dolmens were destroyed in the nineteenth century.  Anyhow, I simply love this dolmen and I am always so happy whenever I am able to go and pay a visit to it (this time, I was so elated at being there that I made sure that the wife and I made a wish while we were standing under the table of the dolmen). Maybe next time I go to see La Pierre aux Fées, hopefully for the summer’s solstice, I will run there — as Reignier was the starting point of Course du Duc, a race I took part in a fortnight ago.

Wood at parents' home_Lucinges_9 Dec 2012

Back at Lucinges, I went down to the bottom of the parents’ property to leave the remnants of our diner to Mr fox (whose footprints can be seen on the far right of this picture), as mum does not like to waste food 😉

Panorama of Fête de l'Escalade_Geneva_9 December 2012

Then we left to Geneva so as not to miss the main event of the celebrations commemorating the failed attempt by the French to storm Geneva in 1602, the procession of Fête de l’Escalade, which goes first through the Old Town of Geneva, then to Saint-Gervais and finally back to Old Town. What a nice end to a Sunday immersed in history.