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This evening, I was really surprised to find that one of the pictures I had uploaded in a draft entry on glaciers created earlier this week in WordPress no longer showed the following view of the glacier of Trift in Switzerland (canton of Berne, to be more precise)

(it was shot last weekend near the suspension bridge over the lake formed by the increased pace in the melting of the glacier since 2003),

but … an assemblage of holiday pictures taken in Southeast Asia*, almost three-quarters corrupted, displaying highly pixellated strips of colours!!!

I was really startled at the discovery, veering from putting it down to a WordPress IT glitch to contemplating the possibility of a joke played at my expense by my Singaporean-Malay wife or even an instance of computer hacking.

However, why would anybody hack into my WordPress account and replace a picture of a glacier with a strip of pictures from Southeast Asia? So far, no pictures of my July holidays in Singapore have been displayed on this blog. So it is not as if anybody could have taken offence at any faux pas on my part in my descriptions of my holidays in the Merlion City.

Neither have I written anything on the recent rioting in the Muslim world to warrant a hacker getting into my account and replacing an innocuous shot of a Swiss glacier with that of a veiled woman in front of a shopping mall in Malacca*!

Of course, my wife confirmed that it was not any belated April Fool’s Day on her part and that she had never seen the picture before (so that for instance, it could not have been inadvertently downloaded, say, from her FaceBook and then again uploaded into my draft entry in WordPress by mistake).

So this confirms my initial assumption: which is that somehow file ‘https://paulzan.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/glacier-and-lake-of-trift-as-seen-from-suspension-brige-16-september-20121.jpg‘ showing a lake with a glacier and some mountains in the background got swapped for an assemblage of pictures taken in Malaysia because of a glitch with some server somewhere in cyberspace (as it may not necessarily have occurred at a server farm in Plano, Texas).

So if somebody in Southeast-Asia is wondering how come their holiday/weekend picture strip in an entry in their WordPress is showing a mountain landscape, look no further … (provided, of course, Google‘s spider indexes this post and that they decide to find an explanation for this image swap by querying Google).

*Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is a shopping centre in Malacca, Malaysia.